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Personal web sites:

Clint's Personal
Home Page
including Clint's Bio.
Shanov.com for Vera's personal home page.
MCO Machine Code Optimization - an on-line version of Clint's Ph.D. dissertation.
Goss/Shanov Genealogy Extended family trees of Clint Goss and Vera Shanov.

Music-related web sites:

ClintGoss.com for Clint's music performance and music workshop facilitation web site.
FluteCast.com direct access to FluteCast videos and other Native American flute resources.
Flutopedia.com extensive information and resources on the Native American Flute.
Native Flute Handbook to access the Native Flute Handbook — a freely accessible 350-page E-Book.
Breath Flute an open-source, 3D-printable overtone flute.
Native Flute School for music playshops hosted by Clint and Vera.
Native Flute School for music playshops hosted by Clint and Vera.
Manifest Spirit Record label and music production.


Flute Haven yearly Native American flute school — Eastern PA in September.
Flute Harvest yearly Native American flute retreat — Southern CA in October.
Flute Life a periodic event South of Tokyo, Japan.
Native Rhythms
Flute School
yearly flute school &mdash November in Melbourne, FL.


SpiritGrass.com for Clint's first commercial CD release.
NAFTracks.com for background track CDs for Native Flute.
The Darling
a 3-CD set produced for Music for People.
Listening Book audio CD version of W A Mathieu's landmark book.

Other web sites developed by Clint Goss:

InterOpp.org for information on international projects and volunteerism.
Road Rally Handbook for Road Rally information, resources, and archives.
CGC, Ltd. computer and marketing consulting services.


Also, please visit these web sites that are developed and/or hosted by Clint and Vera:


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